My name is Eve Hanlin, and I’m a gardening, plant, and sustainability enthusiast. I offer landscape design services in Clark County, WA, as well as workshops, consultations, and more.

I live on a small homestead in Northeast Battle Ground, WA. I’m a student at Clark College working on soon transferring to WSU Vancouver. In my own garden, I grow as many edible and useful plants as I possibly can. I forage for wild edible plants and add them to my meals. I am also obsessed with dahlias.
I have many years of hands on, unique, and highly applicable educational experiences. I am incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to learn through internships, jobs, hands-on experimentation, volunteering, reading, studying and practicing what I am so passionate about.

I officially turned my passions into this business in January 2017. At this point, I was designing landscapes for friends and colleagues. They encouraged me to take the leap and start supporting myself while doing what I love. My ultimate goal is for my business to put something genuine and good-natured into the world, making my living and paying for college. All while guiding clients landscaping projects and saving them money, brightening others’ days with dahlias, teaching others new skills and a love for the plant world, and more.

My Plant Passion
My passion for the world of plants started when I was 13. I checked out plant books from the library and experimented. I identified wild edible plants around my house, propagated some herbs, and cultivated a small vegetable garden through much trial and error.

In 2011, I took the WSU Clark County Master Gardener training program. It was an incredibly inspiring experience. The program started me on a gardening adventure. Through my years of volunteering, I have worked on many projects. I have mentored and taught at community gardens and followed local experts through fields of greenhouses, propagating ornamentals. I teach gardening classes and attend gardening classes. I learn with members of the public while I help them to find answers to their gardening questions.

It is a strong personal belief of mine that we are only alive to do helpful things with the short time we are given. Using the plant-based knowledge I am so lucky to have, I want to help people improve their lives. Whether this is adding aesthetic beauty, improving diets by growing or foraging for food, and more.
In additional to my Master Gardener experience, some career highlights include:

  • Certified by OSU for Permaculture Design
  • WSU Extension Growing Groceries Mentor (Certified to create and mentor in community garden spaces)
  • Growing Gardens (Portland Organization) School Garden Administrator (Certified to design, administrate and teach in school garden spaces)
  • Clark County Master Composter/Recycler (Trained to be an eco-friendly member of Clark County and to teach other to do the same).
  • Active volunteer lead at Columbia Springs Environmental Education Center, teaching workshops and inspiring a love for ecology and sustainability.
  • “Neighborwoods” Certified Vancouver, WA Street Tree Steward
  • Career Background in Environmental Education (Coordinating volunteers and teaching others about ecology, sustainability and stewardship for Columbia Springs Environmental Education Center, Clark County Environmental Services, the Recycled Arts Festival and the Master Composter/Recycler Program).

Landscape Design Background

I started landscape designing out of nowhere. I was simply doing it as a hobby, using my established horticultural knowledge and OSU Permaculture Design training as a foundation. I did it for friends, then friends of friends, then I was encouraged to pursue it as a career. I also just plain love doing it! I love making maps and crafting beautiful, artistic, and useful gardens out of thin air!

There is a lot that goes into my design process. I design for plant hardiness, climate adaptability, water requirements, and environmental exposure. I design for winter interest. I design for usefulness and accessibility. I take into consideration budget, and time allowed for maintenance. I design naturally, and sustainably, for the environment, wildlife, pets, and humans. Plant density, diversity, integration, creative solutions, waste management, and changing and maturing plants, this list goes on. Ultimately, the design is catered to the dreams and goals of every client I work with.

I make aesthetic design and plant recommendations. The final design can then be handed to your hired landscape contractor, or I will guide you through the “Do-It-Yourself” landscape installation process.

The Dahlia Obsession

The whole dahlia farm thing just kind of happened… In 2010, I purchased some tubers from a local source because I thought dahlias were absolutely stunning. In all honesty, my first year of growing dahlias wasn’t quite so successful. I got a few blooms, and killed a few plants. The next year, I did better. Fast forward a few years and the dahlia patch had grown to an obsession so large that something had to be done! So I started selling tubers. When I learned that the tubers sold, I planted more dahlias and sold more tubers. Now I have my online Etsy store and I sell tubers at a few local venues every spring. My cut flowers are sold in a dahlia stand at the end of my driveway, or whenever I receive special orders.

Thank you for exploring my website and learning about my small, weird, passion-based business. Please reach out to me, I would love to hear from you!

Eve Hanlin