My name is Eve, and I’m a gardening, plant and sustainability enthusiast.

My passion for these subjects began about eight years ago, reading books from the library and experimenting with growing food and herbs and harvesting wild edible plants in my own backyard.
In 2011 I took the WSU Master Gardener Training Program. It was an incredibly inspiring expereince. Through my time volunteering, I was able to contribute to many projects. I’ve spent time working in the Master Gardener Answer Clinic, mentored at Bethel Community Garden, and every year I help grow plants for the annual Plant Sale Fundraiser. Most impacting for me was learning about the need for garden based education in Clark County. I have found that teaching is an incredible way to empower and inspire others to grow their own food, beautify their lives, improve their health, spend more time outside in the fresh air, and appreciate the great outdoors. I love teaching to all ages.
A friend of mine was looking for someone to help out in her garden, pulling weeds and installing a new garden. I helped her with plant selection and design. I prunded bushes and tended young plants. Ultimately, my efforts set her on the path to gardening success. This experience was a blast and inspired me to start this business!
This is my dream job; digging around and putting plants in the ground, and teaching others how to appreciate nature, garden more, have access to better food, and live a more sustainable and generally healthier lifestyle.
I live on a small homestead in Northeast Battle Ground, WA. In my own garden, I grow as many edible and useful plants as I possibly can (dahlias are one of my favorites). I forage for wild edible plants that I add to dinner.
Peculiar Ambitions is the Hanlin Family Homestead. You can learn more about the whole gang here: PeculiarAmbitions.com.

Here’s a mini resume, to show my qualifications for garden related work and education:

  • I’m a WSU Extension Master Gardener (I volunteer help with answer clinic booths at farmers markets, teach classes on gardening, and contribute general labor like helping raise plants for their annual fundraiser plant sale. Over 500 hours experience and counting!)
  • Certified by OSU for Permaculture Design
  • WSU Ext. Growing Groceries Mentor (Certified to create and mentor at community gardens)
  • Growing Gardens (Portland Organization) School Garden Administrator (Certified to create, administrate and teach in school garden settings)
  • Clark County Master Composter/Recycler
  • Internship at Columbia Springs Environmental Education Center for the Master Composter/Recycler Program
  • Lifelong Learner and Avid Reader

My favorite topics (and areas of expertise) include:

  • Vegetable gardening
  • Foraging for wild edible plants (of the Pacific Northwest or within Clark County)
  • Dahlias
  • Hobby farming
  • Perennial agricultural systems
  • Restoration and wildlife gardening
  • Permaculture/Sustainable landscape design
  • Sustainability
  • Ornamental landscaping
  • Environmental education
  • Backyard composting

Thank you for visiting my site, I look forward to gardening with you!

Eve Hanlin