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Thank you for your interest in applying for a scholarship to attend an Evelyn’s Garden workshop. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DETAILS BEFORE APPLYING:

There is one scholarship opening per workshop date. One winner will be selected per workshop date.
Application deadline is 8 full days before workshop.

This is a NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIP. Meaning, the purpose of this scholarship is to provide an opportunity to those who could otherwise not afford (or would not otherwise be able) to attend this workshop.

If you know that you are capable of paying for this workshop, we humbly ask that you PLEASE do not apply, and leave the opportunity for others who truly cannot otherwise attend. Thank you for your honesty and integrity! We will not ask for evidence of financial need. This scholarship is based on the trust that you truly need this opportunity to brighten and improve your life, whatever the reason.
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If you do choose to apply for this scholarship, you will remain entirely anonymous. The workshops that this scholarship supports are on topics that will help you reduce stress, improve your diet, health and lifestyle. It is our honor to offer you the opportunity to improve your lifestyle and have a great time without sacrificing other aspects of life when the budget is tight.

The funds for this scholarship are anonymously donated by charitable persons, and sometimes raised via humble means such as silent auctions of donated garden-related items during workshops, etc. Good people want you to have this opportunity!

The winner will be selected via a small committee based on the information provided in the application, so fill it out well! The winner will be the person who fills out the information accurately, has the most evident need, and seems to be the most inspired by the workshop content.

We will now provide you with a random fact, and ask you a question about it below. This is our fun way of ensuring that you have read all of this information. The answer to the question below is the animal that loves to hop, and FUN FACT, happens to be threatened species in Clark County, WA. If you ever find one in your yard, it means that you are providing habitat for a species in need. Now you’ve learned something new, and helped ensure the credibility of our application! Thanks!

Please fill out the information below. If you have any additional needs or questions, please contact me at

Be sure to select “Submit” at the end! You will be notified if you receive the scholarship.

Workshop Scholarship Application
(Note that some workshops have available scholarships, while others do not.)
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Yes, the is a trick question, to make sure you read everything ;)!
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