Sale begins again on March 1st, 2025

Mark your calendars! We have limited quantities and some varieties sell out FAST.

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💐 Continental USA shipping only

💐 No combined shipping refunds on multiple orders

💐 No local pickup this year, thank you for understanding!

💐 During checkout, you can choose your *approximate* ship time: Mid March, Mid April, Late April, Early May

💐 NOTE: This is the shipping time, not the delivery/arrival time. You select your shipping method (priority or ground) during checkout

💐 We're a small team and it's a lot of orders, and we SO appreciate your flexibility and understanding!


About the Farm

My name's Eve and I am a dahlia farmer and plant nerd in Washington State.
My passion for dahlias started with a few tubers from a friend, and grew into a bit of an obsession. I sell cut flowers from a small stand at the end of my driveway. Every winter, I divide the dahlias' tubers (bulbs) and spread the dahlia obsession to other cut flower enthusiasts.
My amazing friend Shannon also shares the passion for dahlias, and is helping expand the obsession as a partner grower! Your tubers just might come from her yard, too.
Ruby the dog is just along for the ride, and thrilled to be here.

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