Dahlia Tuber Letter Code Labels

When your dahlia tubers arrive, they will each be marked with a letter code. Use this list if you need to look up which tuber is which.

AC Paint ACP
Alloway Candy AC
Amorous AM
Andrew Charles AN
Apple Blossom AP
Black Satin BS
Bluetiful BF
Boogie Nites BN
Break Out BO
Bridal Bouquet Mix BM
Brittany Rey BR
Brookside Cheri BC
Camano Zoe CZ
Chimacum Wendy CW
Citron du cap CDC
Clearview Sharron CS
Cornel CL
Cornel Bronze CB
Corona Mix CM
Creamsicle CMS
RC Diane Brazil DB
Dad’s Favorite DF
Ferncliff Inspiration FI
Fidalgo Julie FJ
Fired Up FP
Gitts Attention GA
Glorie Van Noordijk GVN
Hollyhill Black Beauty HBB
Hollyhill Six in One Hh6 1
Honeymoon HN
Hugs’n’Kisses HK
Keith H. KH
Kelsey Annie Joy KAJ
Larke’s Ebbe LEE / LRE
Last Dance LTD
Linda’s Ester LE
Lollipop LP
Lyn’s Brooke LB
Lyn’s Pink LK
Maniac MC
Midnight Moon MO
Neon Orange NO
Nuit d’ete ND
Oreti Adele OA
Patricia Ann Sunset PAS
Peaches N’ Cream PNC
Peanut Brittle PB
Penhill Dark Monarch PENDM / PDM
Penhill Watermelon PENW / PW
Pipsqueak PK
Pumpkin Spice PS
Rawhide RW
RC Diane Brazil DB
Robann Butterscotch RB
Robin Hood RH
Rock Run Ashley RRA
Ryan C. Mix RC
Sean C. SC
Sheer Heaven SH
Shilo Jazz SJ
Showcase Perfection SP
Sunny Boy SB
Sweet Love SL
Sweet Nathalie SN
Terracotta TC
Tiny Treasure TT
Valley Porcupine VP
Wine Eyed Jill Pink WJP
Wine Eyed Jill Yellow WEJ
Wyn’s New Pastel WNP
Zoey Rey ZR