Dahlia Tuber Letter Code Labels

When your dahlia tubers arrive, they will each be marked with a letter code. Use this list if you need to look up which tuber is which.

Surprise/Mystery Mix ?
Alloway Candy AC
American Beauty AB
Amorous AM
Andrew Charles AN
Baarn Bounty BB
Belle of Barmera BOB
Betty Ann BA
Black Satin BS
Bluetiful BF
Boogie Nites BN
Break Out BO
Bridal Bouquet Mix BM
Brittany Rey BR
Candlelight CT
Center Court CC
Chimacum Katie CK
Cornell CL
Corona Mix (Star Mix) CM
Dad’s Favorite DF
Daydreamer DD
Diane Brazil DB
Elena’s Orange EO
Fatima FT
Ferncliff Inspiration FI
Fidalgo Julie FJ
Fire Magic FM
Fired Up FP
Fringe Star (Elena) FS
Gabrielle Marie GM
Giggles G
Ginger Willow GW
Heidi Marie HI
Helen Richmond HR
Hollyhill Candystripe HC
Honka HO
Hugs’n’Kisses HK
Iced Tea IT
Keith H. KH
Lady Liberty LL
Linda’s Ester LE
Lollipop LP
Lyn’s Pink LK
Lyn’s Pink Dinnerplate LD
Lyn’s Purple Spike LPS
Lyn’s Striped Mix LSM
Marlene Joy MJ
Melissa M. MM
Melissa’s Magic Yellow MG
Midnight Moon MO
Mini Clarion MC
Miss Molly MS
My Love ML
Mystery Pink Cactus MPC
Mystic Dreamer MD
Mystic Enchantment ME
Neon Orange NO
Penhill Watermelon PW
Pink Mystery PM
Pink Petticoat PP
Pipsqueak PK
Pumpkin Spice PS
Rae Anne’s Teacher RAT
Rawhide RH
Red with Burgandy Stripes RB
Rip City RY
Ron’s Dark Ember RE
Ryan C. Mix RC
Sean C. SC
Sheer Heaven SH
Shilo Jazz SJ
Spartacus S
Sunny Boy SB
Tiny Treasure TT
Tutti Frutti TF
Urchin UR
Valley Porcuepine VP
Vancouver VC
Verone’s Obsidian VO
Yellow Ball YB
Zoey Rey ZR