White clover is one of the easiest wild edible plants to identify, and one of the most abundant. Most people spend time trying to keep clover out of their lawn, but I like to offer a new perspective.

Not only is white clover a fantastic nectar source for both native and non-native pollinators, it is delicious and nutrient dense. The greens and blossoms are both edible and delicious. The greens can be easily picked by grabbing handfulls, cutting off most of the stems with a scissors (the stems are harmless but a little chewy). The blossoms take a little more time to pick, but their sweet earthy flavor is a wonderful addition to many types of dishes, from salads, to stir fries, to even baked goods! Clover is surprisingly high in protein, and contains vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, niacin, potassium, thiamine and more.

Clover cookies make a fantastic potluck item or dessert for entertaining. Your friends will be shocked to hear that the delicious cookies contain not only flower petals, but the flower petals of a common backyard “weed.”

These cookies also contain apples and vanilla, complementing the sweet, wild and floral flavor the clover blossoms provide.

Clover Apple Vanilla Cookies- Click Here for Recipe